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"Finally, a teacher-centered dialogue on how to fix our schools. Dr. Mullen's book is a must-read for those who care about the future of public education."              Jcqueline Gonzales, PhD Historian and future parent of school age children

Let's Start Talking

I am looking for stories from teachers to advance teacher voice to the next level

for the public, elected officials, parents, business leaders, and all to hear.


A Positive Voice for School Teachers and Public Education


I am a teacher and I have a vision. Let’s stop the finger-pointing and look at public education for what it is — a complex system of components and influences that must be acknowledged and factored into any substantive plans for improvement. 

I want us to come together and create a positive and constructive dialogue that creates REAL, RELEVANT, and SUSTAINABLE improvements to public education for the good of our children and country. 

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​​​STOP BLAMING + START TALKING: Developing a Dialogue for Getting Public Education Back on Track

is a book that tells:​​

  • What is happening in our schools that has gotten us to today       

  • Why it has become so hard to teach a wide range of children

  • Why teachers are tired, frustrated, and quitting

  • What teachers want

  • What dialogue needs to occur for the future of our schools to be successful

The Book