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Tim Mullen, PhD

​​I am a teacher and I have a vision. Let’s stop the finger-pointing and look at public education for what it is — a complex system of components and influences that must be acknowledged and factored into any substantive plans for improvement. 

I want us to come together and create a positive and constructive dialogue that creates REAL, RELEVANT, and SUSTAINABLE improvements to public education for the good of our children and country. 

My Vision

A Positive Voice for Teachers and Public Education


  • Teacher of middle school science for 24 years

  • Scientist as Federal civil servant for 7 years

  •  Sales manager and consultant in rapid growing tech industry 8 years


I have represented teachers

  • local school level on School Councils

  • District level on Superintentant councils (11,500 teachers)

  • Georgia Governor Advisory Council 

  • Board member and President of Professional Association of Georgia Educators (84,000 educators at time)

  • National Teaching Fellow, Hope Street Group


​I believe teachers are a quiet group, too focused on their students to have energy to advocate for themselves and/or fearful of reprimand if they speak up. I believe that for change to occur, dialogue must be positive and constructive so my books, blog, and social media strives for positive and constructive ideas. I hope that through my books, social media posts, and personal appearances to be a positive voice for teachers and public education           

Lawrenceville, Georgia                               stop blaming teachers

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