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My goal is to bring attention to the following issues and create a dialogue that addresses them:

    1.  What is happening in our schools that has gotten us to today,  

     2. What has been the impact of the media, sports, politicians, "reform experts," vocal parents, constant critics, call for charter schools, short sighted 'fixes,' and more...       

    3.  Why it has become so hard to teach a wide range of children,

     4. How Maslow's hierarchy of needs is impacting the teachers' ability to reach all the children,

     5. Why teachers are tired, frustrated, and quitting,

    6.  What do teachers want and need (beyond what is best for the children),

     7. What dialogue needs to occur to create a long-term, sustainable path to improve education in America,

     8. Who needs to be included in the conversations (such as the trained professionals: teachers)

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Developing a Dialogue for Getting Public Education Back on Track

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