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Dr. Mullen has written an honest, tell it like it is, comprehensive book on the state of public education today. With 20+ years as an educator he has the “inside” perspective, but he also brings his big picture experience through his years as the President of P.A.G.E. and time on the Teacher Advisory Council. His title says it all, Stop Blaming, stop looking for a quick answer or villain to point at, and Start Talking. Kids, our kids, need a better system, and they need it now. My two favorite chapters dealt with Pressures Inside the Classroom and Public & Parental Perceptions, because the reality and the perception are polar opposites. Parents, please read “Pressures Inside the Classroom”, see what really goes on, and how heroically teachers, your teachers try each day. And then take a good look at the chapter on Perceptions, and realize the irony of it all. Dr. Mullen has given us a true picture of our education system today. Do yourself and your child a favor, and read this excellent book. 
             - Donna Ahlrich, engineer and former educator     (I had the privilege of observing Dr. Mullen for seven years as he made science come alive for his 7th grade students.)

''I covered the book and it reflects the need for more people getting involved in educating others.’'  

                  - Bruce, Teacher

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